Why VideoNet?

Because the modern office needs modern solutions.

VideoNet was founded on the vision of bringing people together through videoconferencing and office integration. We believe that all businesses and websites should have multiple channels of communication to keep up with their ever-changing needs.

We look for ways to boost your productivity and efficiency by allowing you to communicate and collaborate with clients and coworkers in real-time–even if they happen to be halfway around the world.

Our Approach

We always put our partners first.

HD Video Meetings

Meeting clients halfway around the world? No problem!

Our platform is built on the latest HTML5 and WebRTC technology so you can enjoy HD real-time videoconferencing, screen sharing, and live chat, even with limited bandwidth.

YouTube Streaming

Having trouble getting everyone on the same page?

Stream meetings and presentations on YouTube for easy access.

Secure File Sharing

Your data security is essential to your business.

Transfer files over a secure channel from the convenience of your dashboard. All it takes is one click!

Customizable Interface

We adjust to you.

Our WebRTC solutions can be modified according to your website’s specifications. Simply copy and paste your unique API key onto your site’s code and you’re good to go!

Build Your Videoconferencing Portal Today

Ready to take your communications to the next level?

Allow us to build a custom videoconferencing portal for your website or, better yet, let’s build your entire website from the ground up. It’s time to turn your dream of seamless videoconferencing and real-time communications into a reality!

Submit your proposal and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

*If you want to keep your ideas confidential, just download our Non-Disclosure Agreement and submit it with your proposal.

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